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Rules, Bugs, and some help. 
05:06am 01/06/2003
  Because I am yet to be absolutely familiar with the rules of D&D, there will be times where rules are added. Lets just say these are "bugs" in my DMing.

"Bugs" fixed:
1) Evasion and Improved Evasion rules will apply. Without them, reflex saves become half damage instead of no damage.

"Altered" rules
1) Subdual damage, to knock someone unconscious, must equal or exceed the maximum amount of hit points.

1)As a first level character, you may recieve temporary help from a powerful NPC or even sometimes the minions or servants of a deity.
2)Once you have atleast one character in Draykus level five or above, expect little to no help or advise from the DM, even if your other characters are below five. You are expected to know how to play your characters well enough at that time, this includes ultilizing the abilites of skills, feats, and spells. Get a Dungeons and Dragon Player's Handbook 3rd edition, or borrow someone else's.
3)Once attaining level six, expect REAL challenges to begin. Low level characters are protected often because of their fragility. Once you hit level six, prepare to be swarmed with difficulties.

.. We really need more players. x.x;
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Manual of Planes. 
02:08am 30/05/2003
  I'm definately going to be putting a lot of focus on planes. Caitriona already has tons of potential to travel planes. (Noshi, Cloak of Etheralness, Githyanki relations) Should be very interesting, and a main adventure for Caitriona is starting to come to me.

Planes are cool. Lots of possibilities.
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10:39pm 29/05/2003
  For people to come and those already here. (Hi Kat.) ask questions about the game here instead of contacting us. This way, your question will be out in the open and thus be answered for anyone else who may've had it, and also give you a place to look back just incase you forget.  
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04:33pm 29/05/2003
  o_o I can post, I can post!  
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Hello. Welcome to Draykus. 
03:33pm 29/05/2003
  Draykus is a gameworld constructed by our masterful team of writers and artists, using the D&D 3rd edition rules as a base of rules. However, this system has been modified by our own house rules that apply. If you wish to join this community you must meet the following requirements:

1)You must have SOME writing ability.
2)You must have an AOL(Public & Private Room) or AIM(Private Room) screename.

You may join the community without these, but you won't be able to play in the world. Those are also the base requirements for playing.
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